6 Baking Soda Helpful Tips

I love to read about new uses for products that always have around my house that I never knew about or forgot about. Here are some fun uses for baking soda!

  • Great for itchy bug bites: Rub a paste of baking soda and water onto the bite, and let dry. It will draw out the toxins and soothe your irritated skin.
  • Whitens teeth: A mild abrasive baking soda scrubs away surface stains on teeth and breaks down deeper stains when mixed with water. Brush daily with a paste of 3 parts baking soda and 1 part water, followed by your toothpaste, for 12 weeks.
  • Makes omelets fluffy: For a fluffy omelet, whisk in a pinch per egg before cooking.
  • Two boxes are better than one: When your baking reach for your cooking, only stash. Don’t dip into the box you keep in the fridge to remove smells. It could make your food taste nasty.
  • Makes your stainless steel sparkle: Get a damp cloth and sprinkle with your baking soda, then rub appliances , following the grain, to create a paste. Rinse well with warm water, dry, and they will shine like the top of the Chrysler building!
  • The stink stops here: You can pour baking soda between layers of trash to keep it from smelling in your kitchen, before the garbage bag is full. Sprinkle soda inside gym shoes and let shoes sit overnight, then shake them out before wearing. To keep your hamper smelling fresh, place a package of soda in the bottom of each hamper. Try the spill-proof kind meant for the fridge.
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