20 Summer Date Ideas

20 Summer Date Ideas

20 Summer Date Ideas

Summer is all about having fun!! Enjoy the outdoors and do something exciting!


20 Summer Date Ideas

1. Boating

2. Paintballing

3. Mountain Biking:

4. Long Boarding

5. Picnic

6. Float a River

7. Outdoor Movie

8. Pool Hopping: *this might be illegal…

9. Lemonade Making Contest

10. Explore Downtown at Night

11. Use Hotel Tonight

12. Make Your Own Henna Tattoos

13. Barbecue

14. Water Balloon Fight/Volleyball

15. Night Games

16. Photoshoot

17. Make Paintings of Each Other

18. Plant a Garden

19. Make Homemade Ice Cream

20. Dye Your Hair With Koolaide


6 thoughts on “20 Summer Date Ideas”

  1. You've come up with some pretty cool ideas!!
    Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party…I'll be back to link up with your party tomorrow 🙂

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