Play Unplugged This Summer!

Little Ole’ Cedar City, UT is doing something really cool this summer. It’s called Unplugged! It’s a challenge to keep your kids busy doing things other than watching t.v., playing video games, and playing on tablets or phones. Our area has over 90 suggested activities that you and your children can do that will earn you ‘brag badges’. Some of the suggestions are ‘go bug hunting’, or ‘fly a kite’. After you complete the activity you can collect your brag badges at the business that is sponsoring the activity and by the end of the summer your child will have collected tons of badges! I really love this idea because it provides no room for boredom, and can also teach your children about setting goals. Even if Unplugged isn’t sponsored in your area, you can still visit the website for fun activity ideas throughout the state of Utah. You could also collect badges for the areas you’re visiting too! It doesn’t cost anything to participate. Click here to see if Unplugged is in your area! There are over 90 ideas for activities in the Cedar City area alone! Imagine the possibilities!! DSC_0231 This post is not sponsored, I’m just really excited about it! Jessica Smile

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4 thoughts on “Play Unplugged This Summer!”

  1. Oh my! I would love to do something like this! I'm going to have a little guest for a week, and I'm looking for things to do… having an extra child increases the cost quite a bit, so I need as many of them to be free! I signed up to participate next year!

  2. This is such a beautiful idea and I wish every place, every country would pick this up. I was in NYC at Christmas last year at a fancy restaurant – I looked over at the table beside us – the mom, dad, and two kids were ALL on iphone. CRAZY! Thank you so much for sharing this, I want to pass this on to some of the moms of the kids I teach english to here in Italy (yep, it's a prob here too!)

  3. Thanks for joining the Follow who this week, and for the invitation. I'm glad I stopped by as "Play Unplugged" is a great idea and a great thing to promote, there is to much electronics associated with our daily routines. We need to Unplug ones in a while.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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