Piña Colada Pancakes


Yep, another creation by my husband!  It was yummy yummy!


Fresh pineapple
Girl Scout cookie Samoas
Syrup or Nutella


1. Make your pancake recipe like usual.

2. Mash your pineapple to create a spread.

3. Crush up your Girl Scout cookie Samoas.

4. On your pancake either drizzle syrup or spread some Nutella.

5. Then spread on some pineapple and sprinkle on your cookies and you’ve got a Piña Colada pancake!




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7 thoughts on “Piña Colada Pancakes”

  1. YUMMMMMY! So wish I could eat nutella everyday. Or pancakes. Or pina coladas… with extra rum… I mean coconut flavor? Stopping by from the Merry Monday linky party! Thanks for sharing! -Treana @ houseofbennetts.com

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