5 Tips To Make Your Family Vacation Successful!



I love summer! It is great time to have the kid’s home and
enjoying the warm weather. Summer is a great time to be adventurous and explore
new things. The hard thing is to make sure the whole family is on the same
page. I have my two youngest girls at home still (ages 15 and 11) but a lot
times we go on vacation with all our 6 kids and their families that is where it
can get a little difficult to please everyone.
I was looking on  P&Geveryday and
ran across lots of great articles about family vacations and activities to do with
your family and my brain started to churn. What has helped us to make a great
family vacation? Here is a few tips, I hope they will help!

Pick and
Research an Activity:
After the family has decided where the splendid
vacation will be, have each member research and decide on an activity that the
family will do. Of course, you can have some guidelines; money limit, miles
from the hotel, and time limit, but then everyone will feel like they helped
plan the vacation.
Unplugged: My
kids are just like yours, we have so many electronics and I love them but
sometimes we miss out on just spending time with each other. Make some
guidelines when would be appropriate time to use phones, iPad, Facebook, Snap
chat, Twitter and Instagram and when would be a great time to be unplugged.
A lot of times its mom taking the pictures because she
wants to save the memories but how cool would it be to designate someone
different each day and see the vacation from a different view.

If you’re traveling in a car or flying, there is those times that you wished
that you had something for your kids to do. Instead of hearing “are we there
yet?’  Or at hotel, “what are going to
do? I’m bored!” You can have a few activities ready. The Dollar Store has
several to choose from and they are easy to pack!
My kids love to find little treasures everywhere we go and they
want to keep everything! Pack a small box and let them know that they can keep
the item if it fits in the box, but once the box is full, they can’t keep anything
else unless they trade with something that is already in the box.


PG Every day  P&Geveryday  to find some great ideas to do with your family! They even have coupons to help with the trip and amazing recipes to entertain! 




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4 thoughts on “5 Tips To Make Your Family Vacation Successful!”

  1. I agree. Vacations are meant to spend time together as a family. We all need to unplug. I even have to force myself to unplug. We've created some guidelines for unplugging at home and on vacation. We like to get out and about during the day.

  2. We are just starting to really take vacations or road trips together and I'm looking forward to creating tons of new memories. These are some great ideas on making a vacation successful. Thanks for sharing with Creative Style!

  3. Sent this link to my daughter whose family will be taking several road trips this summer with their 3 young daughters. Having down many many miles on the road or in the air with all of our 5 kids, I can say, these are some good ideas!

  4. These are great tips to make vacation enjoyable for everyone.

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

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