5 Secret Places to Eat Out for Less in Utah

My husband and I love eating out! Probably because I hate cooking and he loves socializing so it’s one way we are both appeased. We recently decided that we spend too much money eating out though so instead of trying to kick the habit we came up with a more creative plan… We can only spend $12 total when we go out. Yeah, I know, it’s not very much at all. But it is possible!! We’ve found some pretty cool hidden deals doing it though so I thought I’d share some.

If you have any suggestions PLEASE share too!!

1. Brick Oven To-Go Salad Bar

For $6 they give you huge pie tin that you can fill up at their salad bar. There are plenty of healthy options of course, as well as some fabulous brick oven cookies for dessert! We do this when we are lazy and don’t want to cook, but want to be healthy, and go to a park and play frisbee!

2. 180 Taco

This place is AWESOME! They have taco’s for like $1.25 or a taco salad for $5.50. They have a million different options so it’s not just your traditional tacos. Trust me, it will fill you up!

3. Chili’s Unlimited Soup and Salad

At lunch this is only $6.99 and at dinner it is $7.99. Yum yum!

4. Papa John’s Pizza Online Deals

They have great Pizza, and they always have great deals online so check before you settle for another Little Caesars! (although, for the record, I love Little Caesar’s too.)

5. Paradise Bakery Specials

Paradise bakery usually has a specialty menu and you can order a whole meal from it for under $5 sometimes!

2 thoughts on “5 Secret Places to Eat Out for Less in Utah”

  1. What an AWESOME idea!!!! I love the idea of being able to eat out but setting a budget for it! I need to peek around and find some affordable eats around me…

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