Zit Relief

I don’t if your like me but it seems like when you have a fabulous event happening in your life, a rotten, horrible zit shows up! It’s not usually a little one hiding but one that is so noticeable that there is no way to hide it. The other morning, while I was blogging, I always have the TV on for noise. I know, I’m weird!!! But, Rachel Ray was on and she had beauty specialist for the stars on.
She pointed out that stars are people too and they get zits just like us, and she shared this great tip. You take a Q-tip and soak it with Visine and place them into a ziploc bag. Throw them in the freezer. When you get a zit, pull one out and press it against the infected area. The cold will take down the swelling and the Visine will get the red out!!!
I thought this was such a great tip, I thought I needed to share!! Good luck ladies!

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