Last Minute Getaways the Inexpensive Way

My husband and I love spontaneous getaways! We used to find ourselves sitting around after a long week wishing we could get away, but it either seemed too late to plan something or we didn’t have the funds. Then one of our friends told us about Hotel Tonight and those lame weekends changed into something great!

1. Hotel Tonight ($25 promo code: ALEWIS86) 



This app is fantastic because it gives you unbelievable deals on all sorts of places to stay. The way it works is hotels give them their unsold rooms for the night and then they post them at a HUGE discount. So whenever we feel like getting out, we just check the hotel tonight listings in the nearest city to see if there’s something affordable. We’ve stayed in some pretty awesome places for under $50, like Ceaser’s Palace in Las Vegas!

Another great thing is when you sign up you get a $25 credit to use anywhere, and if you refer a friend and they book a room you both get another $25 credit! So….. use our promo code ALEWIS86!

2. Retail Me Not 



It’s not a getaway without getting some great food, or doing some shopping right? Retail Me Not is perfect because it gives you deals wherever you are on everything from restaurants to shopping. 

There you go, you have no excuse! Get out of your house and into a hot tub!!

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