A Natural Help for Hormonal Teenage Girls!!!

All the women out there know how it feels to be a teenage girl. One moment we are on the top of the world and the next moment everything is doom and gloom, especially at that time of month!!! When Andie was 13 years old, it seemed to hit her hard, and to top it off, she is really stubborn. So, when she was grumpy and you would try to help her get out of that mood, she would hunker down and she would get even more grumpy.
My older girls didn’t seem to go through this as bad and so I was frustrated!! As a mom, you all know, you want your kids to be happy and not have those moments and it starts to wear on the whole family.
I started looking on the internet trying to find a solution. It makes me laugh to this day when I think back of the header of the article I found about Vitex. “Do you have a teenage girl and her hormones are out of control”? My answer was “yes” and “yes”. My mother in law was a Director in a herbal company and was always trying to get us to take herbs but I have always been a little skeptical about the value of herbs, and I usually don’t want to rely on a pill to help my child, but at that point I was willing to try anything!
For my daughter, it seems to work right away. Andie will take 2 pills in the morning and it levels out her mood. The great skeptic, my husband, thinks her mood is like night and day when she takes the Vitex. Face it, teenage years are hard for girls because of hormones, stress and everyday life and as parent it affects you as well. If you can find something so easy and cheap that helps your little girl, I’m all over it!
I order mine from Amazon.com. It’s $7.18 for 100 capsules.
Good luck with your teenage girl, it’s totally worth it!!!

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