I LOVE My Black and Gray Bathroom!!

About 10 years ago, we had our bathroom remodeled. I was so excited because the colors in our bathroom were so dated! Not having a lot of money at the time, we went with a contractor that could do the job, cheap!!
Yes, he did cut corners and our bathroom fell apart quickly, but then life happened and we didn’t have money to remodel it again. I kept telling myself that it wasn’t that bad and we could live with it. Looking at Pinterest, I started dreaming of a new bathroom. My husband was laid off a year ago, and we are just trying to get back to normal, so remodeling was not an option.
I decided to go for it!!! I love the pictures of the bathrooms with the black and gray but so afraid it wouldn’t work in my bathroom. My bathroom is long and skinny and my fear was it would be too dark.
The cupboards in the bathroom were made out of pine and covered with stains. My cute son in law, Matt, sprayed them with an oil base paint. It took over a week for the paint to dry completely, but it was totally worth it!! Matt paints professionally and his tip to a nice paint job is all in the prep.
I changed the handles to a brush silver and used yellow as my accent color.
I bought this cute bird cage for Cassie’s wedding from Save on Crafts. It was black but I decided I wanted it to be yellow. I lightly sprayed the cage, leaving a hint of black showing through. It gave it a shabby chic touch.
I had a hard time finding a curtain for my bathroom. I found this one online from Target.
I always go to Wal Mart for rugs because they are cheaper and they usually have a good selection. That wasn’t the case this time. Finding a yellow bathroom rug was a hard find. I finally found this one at Wal Mart online. They really have a huge selection online from cheap to more expensive rugs.
I found cute pictures and wreaths at Tai Pan for a reasonable price. I LOVE, LOVE my bathroom. If your like me and waiting to get more money to remodel your bathroom, STOP!!! Go for it, you will love it!!

18 thoughts on “I LOVE My Black and Gray Bathroom!!”

  1. Glad things worked out for you to get your bathroom your way. Looks very nice. Trust your life has turn a round for the best.

  2. What a great idea for a bathroom! I have a bedroom that has soft gray walls and gray carpet. My accents are yellow and cream, with yellow and black/gray pillows.

  3. What an interesting and lovely color combo. It's always so hard to get gray just right and you really nailed it!

    Thanks for sharing your decorating talents for the letter I!


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