Four Ways To Get To Know Yourself Better

Admit it… you love taking those random facebook quizzes and you feel great when the results are actually something you would have chosen. Why? Because we love learning about ourselves! It helps us feel validated to know who we are. I have been obsessed with personality typing ever since I took the myers-briggs personality test in high school. I also got my husband hooked and we have a huge list of everyone we’ve ever had take the test so feel free to share yours ;). I love learning about other types because although nothing is exact and they are only just categories, reading about them helps you understand yourself, and other people, better.

Be warned… you will probably become obsessed with this if you do these!! (Click on the names to take the quizzes!)

1. Myers-Briggs Personality Test:      

This test categorizes people into categories based on the way you get your energy, take in information, make decisions, and deal with the outer world. Once you have completed the test CLICK HERE to read about your type!

2. Love Language Test: 

This test helps you understand how you give and receive “love” from other people. This is super helpful to understand in families and relationships.

3. Lumosity Brain Training:

This is not just a quiz, it is a way to train and improve your brain. It is so cool! As you can see from my scores… I have issues with problem solving. I have always struggled with doing even simple math in my head and now I see why! My brain is weak in that area. This app gives you games that help you “work out” your brain in areas that you are weak. It is so sweet to see yourself improve!

4. Learning Style: 


As a former teacher I am convinced that everyone needs to take this test! It is so much easier to learn if you know what ways you learn best. Then you can also work on your areas of weakness to help yourself become a more well-rounded learner! The saying really is true that you can’t judge a fish only by its ability to climb a tree. The same goes for people. I had students who didn’t do so well in school and yet they were basically pro skateboarders. They were most likely kinesthetic learners and if they would have been taught with a more hands on approach they probably would have been more successful in the school system.  

3 thoughts on “Four Ways To Get To Know Yourself Better”

  1. Oh dear, I'm a sucker for a quiz! I want to click on all of these links, but I must resist this morning….
    I do, so badly want to take the Lumosity quiz!! I think I'll be back for that one!

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