Faith- Personal Progress Activity


It’s that time of month again!! I love when I get the chance to hang out with the Young Women of our ward. This month we focused on faith and the first experience in the Personal Progress program. First, I want to thank everyone that puts their amazing ideas on Pinterest, Mormon Share and Sugardoodle! Your ideas inspire me and help me with my activities.
I was thrilled to find this image of the New Era poster on Google Image. I used it as my invite to our activity. I attached a Dollar Store puzzle to it, hoping to peak their interest, and remind them about the activity.
I had the night planned and felt like I needed to add something to the agenda. I found this great game on Mormon Share called Faith Factor.
The activity is all ready for you. They have questions that you ask the teams and the ones that don’t answer the question, there is a challenge that they get to perform. The girls loved it!!!

We finished the night out by painting our own prayer rock. The girls used Sharpies and paint pens. I love how every girl’s rock is totally different and shows a piece of their personality. This isn’t all the rocks, I just grabbed a few for the photo, but they were all amazing. I brought the rocks home and I’m going to paint them with glow in the dark paint. Disney has a line of paint at Wal Mart that includes the glow in the dark paint.
I was inspired to do the prayer rock, again by finding this great post on Pinterest. She has made postcard print outs of what they need to do to pass off this experience. It also includes a calendar for the girls to track their praying progress. Again, thank you for helping me with my activity!

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