DIY Inexpensive Jewelry

This is another post about my crafty cousin Aleesa! She showed me a pair of earrings and told me they were her easy, inexpensive, go-to gifts. I thought that was odd because cute jewelry can be expensive and it’s rare that you just have jewelry lying around to give to someone. But then she told me her secret! Craft stores sell all sorts of inexpensive, beautiful earring/necklace pieces and beads. Aleesa keeps a collection of them so that she can make herself or others custom jewelry whenever she wants! I think this is such a good idea! Her earrings end up being something like $3 or less and they’re totally customizable so she can match any outfit.

MATERIALS NEEDED:Needle nose pliers
Beads/chains/jewels etc.
Craft organizer

Check out some of her creations!





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