Batman Onesie Tutorial

Batman Onesie Tutorial


Batman Onesie Tutorial! This was created by my fabulous cousin Aleesa! She has adorable twin boys that she made batman jackets for and I loved them so much she made Cooper a matching onesie! It is actually super easy to make (for people without sewing issues like me) and you could pretty much do it to any type of clothing.


Batman Onesie Tutorial

Batman Onesie Tutorial

1. black onesie
2. batman symbol printout
3. yellow felt/fabric
4. black string
5. Needle
6. Scissors
7. Invisible Marker


1. Trace the symbol onto the felt with the invisible marker.


2. Cut out out the symbol.

3. Pin the symbol in place.

4. Use the needle and thread to stitch around the entire symbol.


5. Put it on your cute baby!!!!

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  1. so cute!! Featuring this today for Create Link Inspire features. thanks for linking up! I've shared all over social media world.. hope you get the chance to retweet or share ;o) Stop on over and check out all the fun fabric projects for kids and babies at Nap-Time Creations!

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