Andie Finally Got Her Bedroom!!

The plan was to redo Andie’s bedroom right after we did Lisa’s, this summer, but the plan was changed when Cassie decided is was going to get married. Andie was patient, for awhile, but she is a teenager and she can only handle it for so long!  This was a fun room to do because she knew what she wanted.
We have had the  pine bed frame for about 20 years and it’s went been used the whole time. So you can imagine how beat up it was. Since Andie wanted a purple and gray bedroom the pinewood wouldn’t work!
I’m in love with this spray paint. I used this on the bed frame on her chest of drawers. You can hold the can in any position and it will spray, and I didn’t get runs!! After the paint dried, I covered it with a spray lacquer to make sure the surface was strong.
We used the same paint that we used on the walls for the front of the drawers.
Andie’s dream is to go to Paris, someday. We found this fun wall sticker from Amazon. It’s 5 feet tall and the kit only cost $19.99.
Hobby Lobby has the cutest pictures for teen rooms!! I bought 4 different pictures for her room and all 4 were 50% off, and if the sale isn’t still running, remember that you can use the coupon on your smart phone.
We ordered this chandelier from Amazon and it puts the finishing touch on the room!
Andie’s bedspread has passports all over it, so cute!!!! We bought this at Bed Bath and Beyond. My girl loves her room!!!

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