10 Helpful Hints to Avoid DIY Failures!

 10 helpful hints to avoid DIY Failures
When I start a project I try to figure out everything that I will need and what I will have to do to have an successful project. It never fails but the simplest things that I should already know seems to get in the way of my project turning out PERFECT! I’m so focused on how cute it will be or not being patient enough to do the steps for success. Most of these tips you probably already know but it’s a friendly reminder.

1. Don’t close your bottle of glue immediately after you just used it. This will clog the cap. To keep it in working order, wipe the tip with a damp towel and before closing the bottle, stand it upright.

2. Don’t paint directly from the can. If you dip a dusty paint brush into the can it will contaminate the whole can!! Pour some into a smaller container and it’s easier to keep the area cleaner.

3. Don’t spray paint on newspaper. It always seems like a good idea, so you can keep the area clean from over spray but your project will always stick to the paper.

4. Don’t store markers with the tips facing up or down. Lay the markers on their side. If they are faced up they will dry out faster and faced down they ink will pool at the tip.

5. Don’t wait until paint is completely dry before peeling off a stencil. If you leave the stencil on while it dries, it sticks to your project and sometimes it will pull off the paint. Remove it while the paint is still wet.

6. Don’t cut ribbon straight across. I always want to do that so I have a straight line but the ribbon will fray. Cut it on a angle and coat the ribbon’s edges with clear polish.

7. Don’t press hard when cutting with a craft knife. Pressing hard will not make a cleaner line, slow and steady will get the job done.

8. Don’t sand with only one kind of sandpaper. For a super smooth finish start with a coarse sandpaper and then finish with a finer one.

9. Don’t cut fabric for upholstery without laying it over the project first. Drape the fabric over whatever you’re covering to make sure you enough fabric to work with and the design looks like you want it to look like. Once you know how it will line up should you cut the fabric.

10. Don’t Leave ink on a stamp after using it. Old ink will show up on your next project. Clean it by pressing it over and over again on a piece of scrap paper. Then, if the ink is water based, wipe with a baby wipe or a damp sponge. If the ink is permanent use a special stamp cleaner.

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6 thoughts on “10 Helpful Hints to Avoid DIY Failures!”

  1. These are some great hints…especially that one about the markers. I have designer markers and I have had them standing upright. I guess that's why they dry out so fast. Thanks for sharing these.

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