How to Inflate a Tubeless Tire that is not Sealed on the Rim

Being the softball coach has it perks and it also has been kind of rough being a girl and not knowing how to fix anything. I have had great brothers and a great dad that have helped me fix so many things. Now, having Matt, has been nice, too bad he didn’t know what he was getting into. Anyways I am so grateful to have these wonderful men to help fix the things I need for my field. I have a large nail drag that grooms the field. The tires went flat and they are tubeless tires and they were no longer sealed to the rim so we had to figure out a way to fill up the tire with air. 
What we did was we used tie down straps and tightened it around the tire as shown above in the photo. Then we began to fill the tire until it seals to the rim then we loosened the tie down and took it off. Then put the rest of the air in. It worked like a charm. So just in case you were wondering how to go about doing this, here you have it! Adventures of the lou lou girls! 

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