Quick and Easy Valentine’s Wreath

I LOVE to decorate for holidays!!!! This year I’m a little behind schedule making a wreath for the front door. Crazy, busy at our house. I usually put up my wreath about a month before the holiday that is coming but my cute friend, Lorraine, made a good point. Why not leave it up for the whole month, February can be the month of love!!! This is what I have decided to do this year.
I really love how this wreath turned out. I decided to upgrade a simple wreath from Wal-Mart,the wreath was under $5. I bought a 4×6 picture, the cost was under $4. I jumped onto Google image and found free love song sheet music, printed it out and glued it into the frame. I tied the frame to the wreath with clear fishing line.
Added some cute foam hearts and adorable ribbon and my Valentines wreath was ready!!!
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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