Cute Paper Airplane Mobile Tutorial

Paper Airplane Mobile Tutorial

Paper Airplane Mobile Tutorial

Don’t be fooled, this was a ton harder for me than it looks!! Lucky for you it will be easy though because towards the end I figured out a fast way to attach the airplanes.  My baby absolutely loves it and it looks super cute in his nursery!

Paper Airplane Mobile Tutorial


Quilting hoop
Fishing line
Scotch tape
Double sided tape (optional but super helpful!)


1. Discard part of quilting hoop with the brass piece and wrap yarn around the other.


2. Cut your paper to various sizes and then fold your paper airplanes. (Beware the little ones!! They are hard to fold but oh so cute!)

3. Lay your airplanes on the floor as far apart from each other as you want them to hang.

4. Cut a piece of fishing line to fit every gap. You will be attaching each airplane to the other one by one.

5. Now attach the string to the bottom airplane of one of your rows. Put a small piece of double sided tape on the end of a piece  of string. then put the string and the tape inside the gap of the airplane. Pinch the airplane as if you were going to throw it to close the gap and secure the connection between the string and the plane.

6. Now attach that airplane to the one above it by simply taping the top of the string to the bottom of the next airplane.

7. Continue this way to attach all the airplanes together. Be sure to leave an extra long piece of string for the top ones to be tied to the quilting hoop.

8. Tie your lines of airplanes to the quilting hoop so that they hang where you want.

9. Tie yarn together at the top so that you can hang it from the ceiling  and you are done!!!



10 thoughts on “Cute Paper Airplane Mobile Tutorial”

  1. What a cute idea with the Paper Airplane Mobile. This the children will love to make, (something new for a snow day to keep busy)
    Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

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