I Love You Because…..Valentine Idea

Andie’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day and in my attempt of trying to make the holiday special for both girls and making sure Andie’s birthday is amazing, I have tried to start the holiday at the first of the month.
Last year, I placed a paper heart on their bedroom doors, with one word written on the heart of one characteristic that we love about them and makes them special. Andie left the hearts up on her door until they fell off.
A couple years ago, I found some cute printable tags on Pinterest and left them one treat a day. Lisa loved this and she would get so excited to come home from school to see what had been left in her room.
This year, I decided to combine both ideas. I made these cute bags out of paper lunch bags and painted hearts on each bag. Punch a couple holes and tie them with some tulle. Each day I’m going to leave a cheap little treat in the bag and written on the front a reason why I love them so much!!!
You can start this idea, any day in the month or even make a basket for Valentine’s day with 14 reasons why you love that person! Great for kids, husbands, parents, boyfriends and girlfriends.
Everyone wants to know why they are loved and this is a great time to do it!!!!

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3 thoughts on “I Love You Because…..Valentine Idea”

  1. What a sweet way to remind our kiddos how much we really do love them!
    This was one of my "Knockouts" from last week's Hit Me With Your Best Shot party! Thanks SO much for linking up!

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