Easy Valentine’s Day Craft!

Easy-Valentine's-Day-Craft (1)
Talk about last minute! I just decorated for Valentine’s Day tonight, for reals! I am the President of the Young Women’s group in my church, and we had a HUGE fundraiser tonight to pay for our annual girl’s camp trip this summer, so I couldn’t even wrap my mind around anything else until I got that out of the way.
Now that that’s over, I can breathe easy for a month until we do a youth conference trip to Salt Lake in March! Seriously busy around here peeps, just like all you busy people I’m sure!  Anyway, I thought it would be fun to make a new little craft for V-day. I was inspired to create something that signifies what LOVE means to me.
Love is all about my family! I would be so sad and lonely without my amazing munchkins and ROCK STAR husband. You guys! My hubby totally backed me up tonight at the fundraiser, together we served over 100 people chicken cordon bleu, and kept our cool when a crazy old lady told me to “BE QUIET” so she could talk…Who could ask for anything more! And, after all the hard work, I came home to a clean house with happy kids that wanted to snuggle and kiss me. I could burst, I’m definitely feeling the love. Okay, okay, enough with the mush!
Here’s how you make this easy craft. It could easily be adapted for ANY holiday. I bought these little sticky letters…
Easy-Valentine's-Day-Craft (4)
These canvas panels…
Easy-Valentine's-Day-Craft (6)
And Gold Spray Paint, cause I was feelin’ classy like that yo! Don’t mind the food coloring on my thumbs, we made homemade play doh tonight!
Easy-Valentine's-Day-Craft (7)
After laying the names on my board in about 20 different ways, I finally settled on something and stuck the little stickers on. Then I sprayed the whole thing down with the gold and fabulous spray paint. I didn’t get a pic, but I assure you it was quick and painless…
Easy-Valentine's-Day-Craft (2)
I ended up with this cute little gem. It was fun and easy, and I love projects that are personal and unique to my family. I hope I’ve inspired you to Create Some Love in your own way this Valentine’s Day!
Easy-Valentine's-Day-Craft (1)
Jessica Smile

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