Dates Of Our Lives….

A few years ago I met my best friend when I was student teaching, I was pretty sure she didn’t like me at all, at first. Next thing you know we both got jobs at the same high school, then it was all down hill from there because I’m like a good chocolate bar, you want to hate me but eventually you’ll crave my friendship. Amber and I became friends and eventually moved in together with a few other roommates and our adventure began! We had many highlights from dancing as Beyonce and the single ladies, to our awesome blog idea. We had been on so many funny and bad dates we wanted to start an anonymous blog called “Dates of Our Lives..” You will never find this blog because we were fearful that it would come back to bite us in the end.

When we were younger, people would tell us you should date a lot to see what you want in a husband, because you will be married to them for time and all eternity, so you better like him a ton. The older we got the more cynical I began to get. I did not know if I would ever find that someone, I mean I do live in Utah and at the age of 27 years old I was starting to feel like an old maid. This was a week long phase, but then I got over it because I had some of the best roommates in the world. They were fun, entertaining and we had a blast. During this time there were a few things that I had learned from Amber that I am so grateful to this day because she helped shape who I am. 
1. “Wear whatever you want, as long as you wear it with confidence.”As girls we always want to look good, duh! But every time I would go in and ask her if I match or if this looks good, this would be her reply. Which meant you look good, so own it! Amber has her own unique style but always looked incredible in it because she was confident. She would pick out clothes off the rack at “Buckle”, (our favorite store) and I would be like seriously? She would try it on and look awesome! Because she owned it. Then she would force me to try on clothes and tell me these are unexpected, now wear it with confidence. I think I gained a lot of confidence from this.
2. “When in doubt just shimmy.” This sign was posted in our house, (thank you kristie) it’s posted in the high school dance room and is to this day frequently repeated. You may wonder, what does this even mean? To me it meant, when you feel awkward do something about it to lighten the mood. I just thought this was so funny. She would teach her Zumba kids when they would get lost to shimmy until they would get back on, it still burns calories and looks less dumb than standing there.
3. “Every date is either a good date or a good story.”She will never admit it, but I know I have others who will vouch with me on this, but she goes on so many dates. Often times I would wonder why she would say yes. That is always the response I would get from her. Hence, Dates of Our Lives Blog idea. There are so many good stories that need to be shared but behind closed doors. I would never have dared to turn down a set up because that was what I would most definitely hear. By the way, Matt and I went on our first date because we were set up by Amber. I think this goes for anything that we should do in life, there are a lot of things that need to be done that we just don’t want to do. We can either make it good or make it a good story.
Last but not least…
4. “Fake it until you make it.” The first year of teaching high school is very nerve racking, stressful and really scary. You may have studied for 4 years but nothing prepares you for the jungle. NOTHING! Everyday I would come in stressing out, Amber would tell me “fake it until you make it, The kids won’t know the difference as long as you own it.” I think this goes for everything in life. The more confident you are the more people attract to you. The more faith you have in yourself the more faith people will have in you! 
So even though I don’t get to talk to my best friend as much as I would like to anymore, she has left an impact on my life. She was always willing to help and care for others, if they couldn’t take of  themselves. In a lot of ways she made me more confident by her influence. Just know that YOU’RE AMAZING! 
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