Young Women’s New Beginnings

With the new year, it is the time for new beginnings for the young women. I’ve been in my new ward for about a 2 months now and our cute president thought our theme should be “strength through adversity”. She went out and found tons of examples in nature that have been stronger not despite their trials and adversity but because of it. In the January 2014 Ensign on the back side of the cover, it shows a picture of a water lily with this quote above. So last night for our young women’s we discuss how the water lily’s roots start down in the muck and the filth and then it grows up to the surface and becomes a beautiful flower. I loved this theme, because I think that we can become better people through our trials. 
When I was younger, I was always taught that “Lewis’ never give up!” It was like our family motto. I was never the most athletic but I knew that if I practiced then I could do whatever I put my mind to. My mother and father spent countless hours working on sports with me, so that I could succeed at what I loved. I learned that hard work can make anything possible. Still to this day I am grateful for the lesson’s I learned, through just trying to be on the team. I know that this quote is referring to gospel and I think it is an awesome quote, but I think that it is relevant in all aspects of our lives. “Your Faith will support and lift you,” Heavenly Father will help us, but we have to put in the work first.
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