Why my Christmas Tree is better than anything you’ll see on Pinterest…

Take a good look at this masterpiece, that’s right, breathe it in. It’s a work of art.
Are you scratching your head yet?
This tree was decorated with love by my three little munchkins. And although you might not be able to see it’s beauty, I can. 
You see, this year has been CRAZY busy for my family. I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s been pretty overwhelming for me. So, when my mom told me she wanted to have a day where we all shared our decorating ideas for Christmas on the blog, I looked around my house and thought, “Um, my house is not Pinterest Perfect. There’s nothing I can share that looks like it came out of a magazine. I can’t blog about decorating ideas.”
I’m a little mad at myself for thinking that way about it, because I really do love every inch of my glitter-filled home. After about 6 weekends all spent away from home, the last being Thanksgiving break, I literally brought every box downstairs and told the kids to go to town. They were in heaven. They hung up every ornament, put the star on top of the tree, and even organized the trinkets and nativity on their own. They were so proud of their creation, and so am I.
So, maybe this isn’t your idea of a perfect Christmas tree, but I enjoy looking at it every morning. The ornaments are even hand made by my little’s. It’s a masterpiece right?!
This year I hope you’ll take a moment to step back and realize it doesn’t always have to be perfect. Find ways to celebrate the season like a child would. It’s really about the memories we make anyway, and I want to create better memories for my children more than I want to spend bucko bucks and time trying to create something that can compete with Mrs. Jones down the street.
Now, I don’t want any of you feeling guilty for making your tree look beautiful, good for you! One day my tree will change as my children grow older and don’t care as much about helping mom. I hope I can just inspire someone to take a break from perfection and just enjoy their children as they get excited for the Christmas season, because it wouldn’t be half as much fun without them anyway!
Jessica Smile

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