How To Make Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

Homemade-Christmas- Tree-Ornaments (1)
I always love getting my kids involved in decorating for Christmas. They get so excited and their excitement really makes it fun for me! Last year, a few days before Christmas, we made these little beauties and I was really surprised they were still in tact after a whole summer in the hot attic.
These are so easy to make and will provide hours of entertainment for your kids, which is perfect since you have some time to kill until the Big Man arrives.
I used this recipe from Busy Bee Kids Crafts for the ornaments, and then I got out my Christmas cookie cutters.
Since I have TONS of cake decorating supplies, I let the kids use my fondant stamps on them too. I also had them cut holes out of the tops so we could use the string to hang them on the tree.
Then, I bought glitter craft paint at Walmart and, after a few days of the ornaments drying, we used to paint to make them sparkle.
All of the ornaments you see were made by my kids and that’s why I love my Christmas tree more than anything you’ll see on Pinterest.
Homemade-Christmas- Tree-Ornaments (3)Homemade-Christmas- Tree-Ornaments (5)Homemade-Christmas- Tree-Ornaments (7)Homemade-Christmas- Tree-Ornaments (9)Homemade-Christmas- Tree-Ornaments (10)
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Only 3 more days until Christmas! AND AMBER’S BABY IS ON HIS WAY RIGHT NOW!!!

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