5 New Years Resolution Ideas

5 New Years Resolution Ideas 

5 New Years Resolution Ideas! Every year at this time people are thinking about their New Year’s resolution and I’m not usually one of those people.

It’s fun to think of the possibilities of the New Year but I think it’s sad when people get down on their selves because they didn’t achieve their goal.
So I came up with 5 different ideas that look at the positive and maybe can be a fun way to set goals .

5 New Years Resolution Ideas 

5 New Years Resolution Ideas 

1.Scrapbook Page: This would be fun for the whole family! Take a moment to think about the great things that have happened in the past year and write down the memories. We all need a little adventure in our lives, so make a mini bucket list! Last but not least, a New Year resolution.



2. Create subway art for your home with your New Year’s resolution! A cute thing to add to your decor and fun way to remind you of your resolutions. You can go to http://www.wordle.net/ and create your art for free!


3. Write a different goal on each month of your calendar. Track your progress on each day, review each day and hopefully, it will make it a goal you can achieve!

Count blessings6

4. Blessing jar! Sometimes it is so much easier for us to think about the things that are going wrong or what we aren’t doing that we don’t see all the blessings that are happening in our lives each day! Write ONE thing that was positive for each day and watch your jar fill up through the year!

How fun will it be to go through the jar at the end of the year and remember all the blessings!



5. Wish Box- Fun, Fun idea for a New Year’s party! You can have a cute little box for each of your guests already decorated or let each guest decorate their own. Each guest can write down one wish that they would like to happen in the coming year. Put the cute little box in your Christmas decorations and see if your wish came true on Christmas day!

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