Thanksgiving Thankful Tree

My Lisa, told me the other day that Thanksgiving must not be that important because we have a ward Christmas party but not a Thanksgiving party and there is already Christmas decorations in the store. I think this idea is a fun way to bring back the focus on the meaning of Thanksgiving.
This is so simple but would look amazing as your centerpiece for your table and it could start off an amazing conversation with your family. I cut off a dead branch off my tree and found a old vase in the cupboard. I filled it with rocks to stabilize the branch. I tied tulle on the branches, just to add a little bling.
I found the leaves at Wal-Mart in the office supplies, they even had the cute clothes pins in the same area. Let each family member write on a leaf, what they are thankful for and you have started a great tradition!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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