Easy Mini Caramel Apple Bites

Mini Caramel Apple Bites

Mini Caramel Apple Bites


I had a ton of green apples from my parents tree that I wanted to use and so I automatically thought of caramel apples because they are so delicious!!

As much as I love caramel apples though, I sometimes hate eating them because of the mess they make so I figured there had to be a better way. This is DEFINITELY the solution!! These were SO GOOD and actually super easy to make!

Mini Caramel Apple Bites


Almond Bark – Chocolate candy coating (or you could try any type of candy coating)
Individually wrapped caramels*
Crushed Heath Topping
Wax or tinfoil

(*Or ingredients for this caramel recipe which would actually probably taste even better and be easier since it took years to take the wrappers off the caramel… For some reason I thought the individually wrapped ones would save me time)


Mini Caramel Apple Bites


1. Slice apples into bite size pieces (I used an apple slicer and then cut them in thirds)
2. Melt Almond Bark on low stirring almost constantly so it doesn’t burn
3. Put toothpick into apple pieces and dip in chocolate. Place completely covered apples on a sheet of wax paper or tinfoil laid over a cookie sheet.
4. Cool in refrigerator for about a half hour.
5. Meanwhile, melt your caramel and put your heath topping in a bowl.
6. Once the caramel is ready, take your chocolate covered apples and scoop up caramel with one end.
7. dip the caramelized end in the heath and place back on the wax paper/tinfoil.
8. Let them cool in the fridge once more and then serve!!



8 thoughts on “Easy Mini Caramel Apple Bites”

  1. Great idea! I am going to try these as little sweet appetizers for my Thanksgiving get-together. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. These look so yummy! Thanks for linking up last week at Creativity Unleashed! Featuring you tomorrow as our free ad space winner at OPC. Hope to see you back!

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