How to Clean the Hard Water Ring In Your Sink

This is a little embarrassing for me to show you. I consider myself a pretty good cleaner. Up close though, these pictures make me want to gag. Please don’t judge the ring and how long I let it stay in my sink. We’ve lived in our little townhome for 8 years now, and this is probably the first thing I’ve found to get my sink to sparkle again. Take a look at the before and after.
Before                                                                After
How-to-get-the-hardwater-ring-out-of-your-sink (2)How-to-get-the-hardwater-ring-out-of-your-sink (1)
The secret to the sparkling sink on the right is this little beaut… The pumice stone. All it takes is a little elbow grease and wet pumice stone…who knew!
I had tried so many things, cleaners, magic erasers etc… Finally, I realized I needed something with a little grit, so I whipped out my pumice stone and what do you know… it worked. The proof is in the pudding (where did that expression come from BTW).
It’s so easy, I’m embarrassed I let it get this bad. Well, never again! The only tip I would give you would be to find pumice stone that isn’t quite as bulky as this one. It would have been easier to get in the nook and crannies if it weren’t so big. 
Jessica Smile

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