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For all my Cedar City PEEPS! You can thank me later, or take me to Centro as thanks for this recipe.

So, there is a little restaurant here in beautiful Cedar City that you have to visit if you come to town. It’s called Centro and it’s the best pizza in Cedar. I’m not kidding. It’s knock-your-socks-off good.

The secret to this cute little restaurant is their yummy, thin but chewy crust, and the superb topping and flavor combinations. All of their ingredients are really top-notch and you leave feeling like you just had a night out on the town in a big city fancy pizza joint.

Can you tell me how much I love it there? Their fun atmosphere is super appealing as well.

But, I can’t afford to eat out every night. Alas, I wish I could… sigh… Anywho, one Sunday after church I decided I was going to find a recipe for pizza dough that could compare with Centro and I’m happy to say I found something so close to their delicious crust that it made my taste buds sing!

I can’t take credit for this delicious recipe for pizza dough. I found it on Pinterest. The blog is called Leite’s Culinaria. Please click here for their instructions. I couldn’t do it better myself!

The dough takes a few days to make because it slowly rises and gets a little zing from the slow process. It’s delicious.

After you follow the directions for the dough from Leite’s Culinaria, you can put whatever toppings you enjoy on top, but I will share my favorite pizza that I tried to duplicate from Centro.

The pizza I love is the Bianca. It has freshly chopped garlic, Fontina, aged mozzarella, and ricotta cheeses.

Unfortunately, in Cedar, I couldn’t find any aged mozzarella, so I had to settle for boring plain mozzarella, but it was still delicious and totally hit the spot for my Centro craving.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to let Centro do the cooking for me every now and again, but this recipe is going to save me a lot of money!
I hope you all give it a try! It’s a keeper!

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