American Girl Doll Bed

My little sister Lisa is so into American girl dolls it’s crazy! But as many of you know, the accessories for this doll are crazy expensive. Lisa is always begging me to help her make houses, beds and more her her 18 inch dolls. One saturday we decide to make a bed, now all we used was a box, old sheets, pillows and pillow cases that my mom had lying around the house. Obviously, this bed had to be about 20 to 22 inches long so the doll could fit on it, the box I had was about that size so it worked out great. I cut an old sheet to fit the entire bed so that I could glue it underneath so it would show and wouldn’t come apart. then I made a head board out of the left over cardboard, in order to stabilize it, I had to use popsicle sticks on the backside to keep it standing up. Then I covered the headboard with different material to add pizazz you could used jewels or feathers too! Then I took fabric and and made mini pillow cases and a doll sized body pillow. They we took an old pillow and used the stuffing to make the pillows into mini pillows and sewed them up, Lisa hot glued one and it worked good too, if you don’t have sewing kits. Then we just used an old pillow sham as a bed spread, it was perfect sized! And there you have it folks!! A bed that cost you pretty much nothing but time!! Get creative and have fun!
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