Top 10 Last Minute Quick & Easy Costumes!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! If you are anything like me, you are yet to decide on a Halloween costume and it is almost time for work. I work at a high school and so it’s not that big of deal if I dress up as myself, I just tell my students, “I’m so awesome, who wouldn’t want to be me?!” My roommates are elementary teachers so they have to dress up every year! Here are our top 10 quick and easy halloween costumes you can throw together this morning, in an attempt to be less lame!!
  1. Nerd: We all know you still have those Harry Potter glasses!
  2. Farmer/Cowgirl/Cowboy: Jeans, cowboy hat, boot (optional) and a plaid shirt
  3. Be a #1 Fan! Get out your favorite teams t-shirt throw on a little eye black and you are a #1 fan.
  4. Baseball player: a ball cap, glove, bat, cleats, long socks, baseball pants and a jersey. Work with              what you’ve got.
  5. Zombie: tear up some old clothes, put on pale makeup and black around your eyes. 
  6. Vampire: Just go buy some of those cheap plastic teeth and wear what you want. Vampires look like normal, attractive people these days!
  7. Smartie Pants: Go buy some Smarties and glue them to your pants.
  8. Construction Worker: Jeans, white t-shirt, gloves, hammer and a hard hat if you have one.
  9. 80’s : 80’s are back in style so all you need to do different is sport the side pony or crimped hair.
  10. Be a chef: if you have the hat that would be ideal, wear an apron carry around a rolling pin and     other kitchen utensils.


Have fun!!


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