Something Wicked-Halloween Decorations

something wicked halloween decorations
Its true, we LOVE Halloween!! When Lisa was little, we would drive around the neighborhood and she would rate everyone’s decorations. She couldn’t understand why they didn’t have more decorations than a pumpkin.
I’ve always loved decorating for this holiday because its so fun to see kids reactions when you go the extra mile, but Lisa has made sure that we even go farther!
My husband told me that my tree is creepy but that is what you want for Halloween, right??? Its super easy to do. I had a tree that had a dead branch and I had Mike cut it down for me.
I used my trusty spray paint. This branch took about 3 cans because I wanted to make sure it was totally covered, even the leaves. Wal-Mart had a bag of bones for $9.98. I love fishing line!!! I tied the bones to the tree with the fishing line and then you can’t see the string. I simply put it in my flower planter.
We have a family of spiders that crawl up our wall each year! I seriously have families stop and the kids try to be brave enough to touch them! I use my hot glue gun to stick them to my house. The glue pops off with a butter knife when Halloween is over.
Its officially the Halloween month!!!! We are just getting started!

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