Designer Brown Paper Lunch Sacks


Have ever opened up your child’s lunch box just to find dirty wrappers? Or had the lunch already to put in the box and your child tells you they left it at school! I think this is a fun alternative to the lunch box and they don’t have to worry about bringing it home! It would be great for junior high kids that don’t want to be bothered with worrying about lunch boxes after lunch! You can print anything you want on a plain brown paper sack.
Wouldn’t it be fun for your child to find a game on their lunch or a note to make them smile? You can find all these on Google!
google (1)
All you do is go to Google search and click on the image button at the top left. Type in what your looking for, such as; kids games, puzzles or your favorite quote! Right click on the image you want and save image as….., it will go to your download. You can go to Word or Print Artist and select your image, and print it on the sack.
Make sure you put a piece of tape on the flap, so it doesn’t get caught in the printer. It’s that simple! Think how cute this would be for a birthday party as your goodie bags!


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