3 Amazing Facts about Apple Cider Vinegar

3 Amazing Facts about Apple Cider Vinegar


3 Amazing Facts about Apple Cider Vinegar

3 Amazing Facts about Apple Cider Vinegar

Acne: My cute Andie has been struggling with acne for the past 2 years. She has been to the dermatologist and used the prescription Accutane for 6 months. The medicine worked but as soon as it worked through her body, the zits appeared again.
I didn’t want her to use the Accutane again, because of the side affects, so we started researching the internet to find a solution!

Andie has been cleansing her skin at night and then she would apply the vinegar to a cotton ball and dabbed it on her face. She left it on for a half an hour and then she rinsed with lukewarm water. If you don’t rinse it off, it can be a little sticky.

Andie has seen a big difference in her skin! If she has a big breakout, she will apply it 3 times a day! She doesn’t love the smell but she does like how its helping her skin!!!

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Hair: While we were looking for solutions for the acne, we saw a article about making your hair look amazing if you used the vinegar as a rinse. Again, Andie was my guinea pig! What teenager doesn’t want thick, luscious hair!!!

It cleans the hair and scalp, adds luster, and leaves it smooth and silky. Its also helpful in treating dandruff. When we read this, we had to try it! Andie has been using it for over a month and she can tell a difference! Again, she doesn’t like the smell, so you know she can tell a difference or she would stop using it because of the smell.

Directions: After washing your hair, rinse your hair with the vinegar. Massage into the hair and scalp with your fingers. Rinse with warm water. 


3 Amazing Facts about Apple Cider Vinegar

Sinus Headaches: I get really bad sinus headaches in the summer because of allergies. A couple years ago, it was so bad and nothing seemed to work. I mentioned it at church and one of the ladies told me that she had used apple cider vinegar. I thought she was crazy but since nothing was helping, I decided to try it.

They suggest that you mix 2 Tablespoons of the vinegar in 6 ounces of warm water and then you drink it, twice a day. I HATE nasty tasting things and this is NASTY! I mixed my vinegar in a 1/2 cup of sprite, instead. You can’t taste it as much and I was able to drink it, IT WORKS!!!!!!!!

I also ran across a article about using apple cider vinegar to remove moles. Check it out here! Removing Moles 

3 Amazing Facts about Apple Cider Vinegar

6 thoughts on “3 Amazing Facts about Apple Cider Vinegar”

  1. I use this same brand…Isn't it amazing. I drink a two teaspoons in 2 ounces of water as soon as I feel indigestion coming on….magic….presto….no indigestion!!! Be sure to follow up with another two ounces of plain water to rinse mouth and esophagus, vinegar is only alkaline once it reaches the stomach.

  2. I did a search for kidney stones and the home remedy was 2oz of apple cider vinegar and 2oz of olive oil and drink it. It doesn't take bad really. And it helps. Love ACV!

  3. This is also a great diuretic. I mix the 2 T. with lemonade usually and may add a bit of stevia to knock down the tartness. Either way, it works.

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