Oh man, the Lou Lou Girls were busy today! We were lucky enough to have two cousins get married today, Aimee Sue and Shay. Luckily, the weddings weren’t too far away from each other so we were able to attend both, and help out a little at both too…
I’m sure there will be many pictures to share, but Cassie made Shay’s cake for her baseball themed wedding. Sorry for the cell phone pix! 
I made Aimee’s cake.
Amber was doing videography for Aimee’s wedding.
And Mama Kim was helping with refreshments and decorating at Shay’s wedding too (sorry, no pix of that today).
When I finally got back to my in-laws tonight, I just kicked my feet up thinking I could relax, then it occurred to me that tonight was my last day to post this week. So instead of posting a recipe idea tonight. I thought I’d give you a little glimpse into our crazy day.
We are all exhausted, but it was so fun seeing the family we hadn’t seen in a long time and laughing and celebrating with our cousins!
What did you do this weekend? Anyone else have two weddings to attend this weekend?

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