Fresh Fruit Smoothies

This would be great for your a barbecue or picnic this summer! I even think you could do this for your way into work. You can prepare the smoothies the night before and there all ready for your shing dig the next day!
What I did is to get my mason jars and pureed strawberries and blueberries. I layered blueberries on the bottom. I wanted blue for the 4th of July but the blueberries went purple, so I added a little blue kool-aid to make the color(it just adds a little sugar and makes the smoothie, yummy). If your going for the healthy version, don’t add the kool-aid or add a teaspoon of sugar.
Layer with vanilla yogurt and finish off with your pureed strawberries. I didn’t cover the top of the jars because I worried that they would expand and break. Put the jars into the freezer until they are frozen. When the party starts, sit out jars on the table and thaw a little. Before drinking the smoothie, stir and ENJOY!

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