Countdown to School Printable Poem

Download Poem: Click Here
Its that time of year again, school starts in just a few weeks! I thought this would be a fun activity to help your kids get excited for the start of school. We countdown to Christmas and other Holidays, so why not countdown to School? We want our kids just as excited for school as they get for any other Holiday! This is a fun way to do that!
 I picked out 10 things for school either a supply or something that my girl’s feel are important for school(like fingernail polish, lip gloss).
I wrapped the items and put a number on each one, or you can cut up the poem and attach each day to each item and have the kids open them in order. If you put the numbers on the packages, you can attach the poem to the can and they can cross off the days.


I put the items in these cute garbage cans that I found at Shopko. They were on sale for 50% off, making them $3.99 each. It would be really cute to pick the presents in their new backpack, if you know what one they want. In our house, picking out your own bag is a big deal because its a fashion statement!
My girls love when I take the time to put something like this together. I know, the start of school is soooo expensive but the great thing about this, is that all this stuff would be things that you would already buy!

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