DIY 4th of July Shirts

You can’t have fabulous shoes without a fabulous shirt!
We bought T-shirt paint and ribbon at Wal-mart and had some fun!
We made a template out of a brown lunch sack and taped it to the shirt. We also put cardboard underneath the material so the paint would not bleed to the other side of the shirt.
We painted the heart with the paint and let it dry before taking off the sack. Then add the ribbon for the stripes. We used glue from JoAnn’s that will permanently stick the stripes but if you love to sew, you could simply sew on the ribbon. The ribbons on the sleeves will need a simple stitch to anchor them.
A great project to do for your kids or a great project to keep them busy this week!
My teenager, Andie, didn’t want all the ribbons, so we made her a shirt with the bleach stick!
There are shirts on Pinterest made with spraying the bleach onto the shirt but I wanted to do a design that I had more control of the outcome. The shirt was cheap and so was the Bleach pen. We took stickers from the Dollar Store and stuck them to the shirt to make our design. Then we simply traced around the stars. We found that you need to let the bleach dry all the way, so your design will stand out. Then simply wash your shirt to get out the rest of the bleach. We sprayed the shirt with the glitter spray for the finishing touch. We thought it would be even more fab if we would of written America on the front in cursive.

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17 thoughts on “DIY 4th of July Shirts”

  1. I like these unique shirts! Very patriotic. I saw some canvas slip on shoes at K-Mart that would look so cute with your shirts! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week!

  2. Holy moly!

    Do you ever run out of amazing ideas?


    I love both of these…and the bleach stick is such a clever, clever idea!

    What beautiful children!

    Thanks for sharing this cute smile for the letter C.


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