Easy Onion Storage

Onion Storage


Sick of “crying” every time a recipe calls for an onion? What if you only had to suffer through that once, and then still had onions to use for the next few weeks?! My mom is a genius when it comes to organizing and storing food to be quickly used in meals. This is what she does with onions and other vegetables from her garden, such as peppers.



1. Peel and cut up onion or vegetable

(If you haven’t purchased some sort of chopper and are still using a knife, do yourself a favor and get one! It will be the happiest day of your life.)

Onion Storage


2. Scoop into zip loc baggies in 1 or 2 cup increments



 3. Store in Freezer or Fridge for quick use in recipes and enjoy your onion-cutting free month!






1 thought on “Easy Onion Storage”

  1. I’ve tried that before and it seems like the onion loses flavor especially freezing fridge really isn’t to bad though.

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