Hanging Produce Trellis Out Of PVC

Hanging Produce Trellis Out Of PVC

Hanging Produce Trellis Out Of PVC
Okay, one more “my mom is a genius” post. Last year my mom created this for her garden and it was awesome. It is a structure that allows the produce to grow off the ground, keeping it from tipping over in the wind, and when it is ripe, it is super easy to pick. The picture above is of peas, but my mom has also done similar structures for her cantaloupe, honey dew, and cucumbers.


Hanging Produce Trellis Out Of PVC


Step One: Mark Spots for Holes On PVC

 2. Drill Holes

(This makes it easy to attach the screw eyes)

 3. Attach Screw Eyes


 4. Attach string to screw eyes in criss-cross pattern

 5. Put in your garden and allow peas to grow! 


(I will post a picture when the plant gets a little bigger)

6 thoughts on “Hanging Produce Trellis Out Of PVC”

  1. Love this idea! It must be very inexpensive. Sometimes you can find PVC very cheap at the Habitat for Humanity ReStores. Thanks for sharing your outdoor post on The Maple Hill Hop!

  2. I actually built one over the weekend and it didn't seem very substantial, but this post gives me hope! I bought the prefab Daylon netting and used twice to tie it around the posts — it doesn't look nearly as neat as your mom's.

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