Father’s Day Gift!


I don’t know about you guys but my dad never wants us to
spend money on him for Father’s Day and we never know what to get him. So this
year I thought I would try my hand at sewing, now for those of you who know me,
I cannot sew! With a grandmother who is a master seamstress and a best friend
who is a sewing teacher, I’m a little embarrassed I can’t fix my own stuff. To
say the least I have mere moments of creativity, but this one all goes to
Grandma Bev! She suggested that we decorated an already made apron for a
project then the creative juices just started to flow. I went to Walmart and
purchased a white apron for $6.88, along with 2 yards of fabric for $7.88 (in
case you are wondering, yes I found out that that was A LOT of fabric for what
I was doing) and I went and got some BBQ grill stuff to go with his apron for
Father’s Day.
1st – what we did was unpick the bottom and half
way up the side of the pocket, so that we could add the flame material to make
the pocket longer in order to fit my tools. Once unpicked, we cut off the
bottom of the pocket and sewed a 10” by 30” piece of flame material to the
bottom of the pocket. Then folded it over to make a clean seam and sewed the
material completely to the apron. Then I put in my tools to see how big to make
each pocket and separated my 1 large pocket into 3 separate ones.
2nd – we cut bias strips of red material to run
down the sides of the apron, the top red strips where intentional, the bottom…
not so much. I didn’t cut the flames long enough so we just cut extra red bias
strips to continue to the bottom of the apron.
3rd We obviously needed to put his name
somewhere, I went and printed out a font on the computer and then traced it
mirror onto this paper called heat and bond. Then I ironed the heat n’ bond
onto the black material and cut it out. Then I just had to peel off the paper
and iron on the name. I thought we could jazz it up with some flames so I cut
out the 3 best looking flames on the material, ironed on some heat n’ bond and
cut out right around the flames. Ironed them around the name to spice things
up. Grandma was worried that the iron on would not last and so we stitched
around each little letter to make it stick and it was a GREAT thing because
they we’re falling off all over the place!
The End!
Happy Father’s Day, Father Michael!!



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