Unique Party Theme – Cheese Party

Tired of your typical “redbox or netflix” friday nights? Spice up your weekend by throwing a one of a kind party like this one: A Cheese Party!

The idea started out as a joke between some of my husband’s friends, but then I had a creative streak and decided to make it a reality. The party turned out A  W  E  S  O  M  E and we’ve already been asked about the next one!

Step 1: Make Some “Cheesy” Invitations! (get it…?)

Use whatever you have on hand if you’re trying to save money. I printed these on card stock from my home printer and then wrapped an old ribbon around them. The classier looking, the cheesier!
(Don’t forget to include that everyone needs to be in best dress and to bring their favorite cheese and crackers!)
Step 2: Decorate, Display, and Devour

I’m not really the decorator of the group so I left that up to one of the other wives. She set the mood perfectly with candles, christmas lights, and a touch of jazz music. (This year the boys want to “hire” a live orchestra, ha!)

We had people bring all sorts of delicious cheeses, and extra delights such as grilled tomatoes and toasted bread. 

The food was displayed on the fanciest dishes we had, and the utensils and cups were the finest disposables Walmart makes.

Step 3: Provide Classy Entertainment

This was my favorite part of the whole night! Because this was a classy event, we decided to go with some classy entertainment.  We held a silent auction with some very prized possessions found at our favorite thrift store, the D.I. 


The recipients were of course overjoyed to find that their bid of $2.75 won them these beauties!

Step 4: Photograph the Moment

No one wants to forget what they wore to their first cheese party right? Be sure to capture some stunning couple shots as well as a few group photos so that the memories live on. 
Overall, I think the best way to throw a good party is to just throw one!  With almost no effort you can turn a normal weekend into a memory-making tradition just by calling it a party. So whatever night of the week it is right now, call up someone and say “hey, I’m having a party this weekend and you’re invited!” Who can say no to that?

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