Summer Reading List for 3rd to 6th Graders






As a mom I’m always trying to find new books for my kids to read
in the summer. Amazon has reviews about the book but I like to hear from kids
that are around my girl’s age what they like and why. Here’s a list of my Lisa’s
favorite books from this year, I hope it helps!
Top 5 picks
1.   Michael Vey-
Prisoner of Cell 25 (Richard Paul Evans)- Some parts are really
funny and it’s suspenseful. A few big words but not a lot. I liked the first one more than the second.
2.   Goosebumps
– Hall of Horrors-Claws: Some parts are scary and creepy. It’s written well
because its feels like things are jumping out at you!
3.   Chocolate Fever
Kimmel Smith)- This is a funny book. He eats weird food like chocolate
chicken. He loves chocolate and chocolate loves him. Is there a cure for
chocolate fever?
4.   Petey (Ben
Mikaelsen) – Have you ever needed a Hero? 
Petey needed one in the worse way. Some parts are sad but it is has a
happy ending. It is written well and kept my attention.
5.   Castle in
the attic (Elizabeth Winthrop) – There is a castle in the attic
and there is one knight that comes alive. Great adventure book!
Lisa is 10 years old and just
graduated from 4th grade.

I would love to hear what book is your kid’s favorite, and we
can make a list for everyone to see and use for this summer!!





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