Personal Progress Activity- Lets go to Peru


I love coming up with new ideas for Personal Progress Activities. My son, Zac, had the opportunity to go to Peru through an UVU Anthropology program. I had him share his experiences with the girls. I want the girls to know if they work hard at school they can have amazing opportunities!

While my son was in Peru, he was part of a dig to find artifacts. I decided that the girls should have the same experience……kind of. My Lisa has loved to do this activity since she was 3 years old. I took skeletons and placed them in the bowl.


 You can use little kids toys or anything around the house, it doesn’t hurt the item. Then you cover it with water, I like to add food coloring because it makes it hard to
see the items. You put the bowl in the freezer and until it freezes completely (it
usually takes overnight).  When you decide to use it, take it out of the freezer, run the bowl under the water and it will pop out!

I usually place it on a cookie set and give the kids a spray bottle full of water, a scrubbing brush or a paint brush. Let the fun begin! They get to find the objects that
you have buried in ice and the love it!!!  This works best outside so your house or
church doesn’t get messy.


To finish off the night, I prepared mud cups and the girls loved them!
Mud Cups
Chocolate pudding
1 package of Oreos
Gummy worms
Make pudding
following the directions on the box
Crush Oreos (I used
my blender and they turned out perfect)
Put the pudding on
the bottom and then cover with the crushed Oreos. Have fun with the worms and
let them stick out of the dirt.



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