DIY Diva Summer Flip Flops

What would summer be without flip flops? Our family loves cute flip flops to wear all summer and since my daughter is such a DIVA we have to take them up a notch!


We went to JoAnn’s and they had their flip flops for 50% off (1.99) and they are a little bit sturdier than the ones at the Dollar Store. JoAnn’s has a great selection of ribbon and the prices range from $2.49 to 3.99. I also bought ribbon from the Dollar Store; the only thing with that ribbon is that they only have the thinner ribbon and
no design.
I used 4 rolls of ribbon for each pair of shoes. I cut up all
ribbon into strips about 7 inches long, I think you can cut them shorter but with the 7 inch length it was easier to tie.


I tied each ribbon into a double knot onto the flip flop and made sure each ribbon was as close as I could get it to the other one. Rotating the different ribbons and making a pattern. At the end, I trimmed the ribbons so she won’t step on them. The ribbons will fray but that makes them even more divine!!!! 

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